It takes a lot to stand in front of people and speak, but it takes even more to dance. That is exactly what these competitors have chosen to do. Learning to chasse, dip, and twirl their way across the dance floor, the contestants of Greenwich’s Dancing Stars are not in it for the prestige, or for any personal gain, they are doing it to support those who are less fortunate. Each of our stars have elected to help fund the wide range of high quality programs and services that Abilis provides to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families need to live, learn, work and enjoy life.

Proceeds from the live and silent auctions, and donations made to the dance teams will go directly to Abilis.  All other costs related to the event and gala itself have been provided by Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Greenwich or one of our great patrons. Each dollar donated is a vote for your favorite dancer. If you would like to make an offline donation, please contact Matthew Ames “Event Coordinator” at 203-775-6588 to make arrangements.

Only 100 seats available!
Only 100 seats available!
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Lisa Coplit
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Lisa lives in Old Greenwich with her husband and her 10-year-old daughter, who also dances at Fred Astaire and inspired her to start taking lessons. She just started dancing in March and most of enjoys rhythm/latin dancing. She is a physician and the Associate Dean for Faculty Development at the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University. She is honored to be able to help raise funds for Abilis, an organization that provides invaluable services to children and adults with a wide range of special needs. They support and educate families and provide services where they are often most needed, in people’s homes and communities.

Lisa will be paired with Clemens
     Clemens began dancing in Linz, Austria at the age of 15. After completing all of his examinations in dance school, he began competing in major dance competitions throughout Europe including the Austrian Open, German Open, Italian Open, Copenhagen Open, Czech Republic Open, and Blackpool.

     He was recruited by the studio in 1998 and became the owner with his wife in 2001. During his time with Fred Astaire, he has won numerous New England regional championships as well as top teacher awards. Clemens has a degree in fashion and design from HBLA in Linz, Austria.  

    He works hard not only on the dance floor with his students, but also designing and making custom dresses for the studios competitive students, which he does in his free time.




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