Fairfield County’s Go To Place for Dance Lessons…
     The Greenwich Fred Astaire was opened several years ago to serve the communities of Greenwich, Stamford, and surrounding areas. It is one of four studios in the Fairfield County Fred Astaire Studio chain, which have been teaching quality dance lessons for over 30 years. Nestled on Sherwood Place, just above Dance Adventure, the Greenwich studio is a cozy and elegant place to dance the day away.
     With dedicated teachers and a trademark system to make learning to dance easy, Fred Astaire Dance Studios offer the best environment to take dance lessons. Reflecting the qualities that make Greenwich and its neighboring towns great to work and live in, we strive to make ballroom dancing a part of everyday life. Whether you are going to do the salsa in Danbury or to a dinner dance Redding, you will want to look your best. That is where we can help.

Who Takes Dance Lessons at Fred Astaire?
      Many ballroom dance studios treat dance lessons like a commodity. Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Greenwich believes that our students want more. Students want to dance for fitness, and dance for health. They want to break away from their hectic schedule and relax. They want to be the best possible version of their self. With this in mind, the material each student learns is completely tailored to them individually. Some of our students are learning to dance ballroom for their wedding. Other students want to be latin dance champions. And many of our students start just wanting to learn to socially dance. The Brookfield studio helps students discover what their passion is and then works to make it a reality.

“But I can’t dance, and I have no partner”
      Ballroom dancing isn’t just for seniors, it’s re-insurgence has meant that Boomers, Gen-Xers, and Millennials alike have found their way to the dance floor. Learning to dance with Fred Astaire Brookfield means you don’t have to feel ashamed of not knowing how to dance. We teach that! If someone has ever said you have no rhythm, it’s no problem. We teach that! If you felt like you have always wanted to dance, but stopped because you didn’t have a partner, now is the time to get started. We provide you with a professional dance instructor, who will be your partner, just like on T.V. No matter if you are young or young at heart, want to blend in on the dance floor stand out from the crowd, ballroom lessons are right for you.
      We invite students to join us for a studio tour, dance evaluation, and course consultation. If you wish to see the studio and try a little dancing, please fill out the form above.